Drum & BassApril 8th, 2001
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Mappy at 8:28 PM

props to megatokyoAd libbing here on the front. Well Shin and Bee went to Anime Express 4 down in Daytona. The rest of te pictures should be up by this week.

So does everyone like the new layout? For those of you baud-deprived users out there (uhm...me? ^_^;) the images have been compressed for faster loading. That should help for frequent visitors (you know who you are!). Eh, some sections aren't quite finished yet. Still working on content to add. Going to experiment with these new frames. Ah! if you click on the Fujinet logo in the corner you will get a popup of all the pages made by everyone here in Fujikoma. Nifty, eh?!


DDR is Good!DDR is still going strong. Got 3 rolls of pictures up from Woodstock 2001: 2nd Mix. Gene down in Orlando is telling us that the arcade Rocky's Replay will be getting a large amount of DDR, ParaPara, and *Mania machines. Possibly sometime in May we'll all get to go down and see them all. It'll be great not having to pay admission fee like the last time we went to Orlando; just to DDR.

Woah and i was clubbing last week and the music was actually Good! Bama's finally found some beat to follow. Drum & Bass mostly with some Jungle thrown in. Diesel Boys! Yay! Speaking of music, I got my Smile.dk CD and Happy Hardcore 7-CD set. It just rocks the roost! Something to listen to on those long car drives to places. Like...Animazement ^_^.

Aiy Ay Ay...


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