Bee!May 24th, 2001
Crazy For Yew
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Mappy at 11:41 AM


Lil Rage ^.^Two cons in the same month? with onlya week to recover and relax? its gonna happen! and in sheer luck that it does too! I told many a persons that i wouldnt be able to make it to Animzement. my job assigned me (the unlucky bloke that i am) to work Memorial Day weekend; aka AZ weekend. so i really had to worm my way out of this one. Thanks to crow for giving me this weekend off! So a pre con report eh? here goes the shout-outs.

Tall Boy Rage (art by joey*)First and foremost KawaiiJenny, Leo, and Ashita. im looking forward to another van trip to and from Virginia again. the last one was a blast! No biting this time, and i'll try and keep TruthOrDare PG-13-ish. we need more Cherry Bomb Jolt tho *_*
Dommichan- sorry i can't make it to your super party Friday. hope that won't stop us from having another one saturday! ^^
Lindze & Candy- yay! DDR cosplay will be so awesome once again, its gonna be great having you two to join in the fray. though my costume won't be near as glamorous or detail perfect as the last one, im sure we'll get great pics. Remember; "Oshare" means Fashion Concious!
C-chan- lets have fun again. be sure and bring me those Euro CDs mmkay?
Bee! and Loki- Dewds! finally a convention away from home. this is a big step...try not to get the "First Con Temptations". Remember everyone, we are lewd! Fujikoma; Otaku Of The World Unite!
Dogbo- your mom sharing the RedRoof with us? hey man we'll stomp out everyone on DDR, im just hoping this tourny is run a little better than say Katsucon....or Jacon...or welll...lets just hope & pray they allow for bonus points on costumes ok? ^_^;
Lina- Wai! we'll have to have another car chat again. be sure and bring me alllll those Intial D soundtracks, aiight?
Dannyhong- h0 h0 h0...this match Atop Mt. Akina will be different from the last. Buntas been at hard work on my Hachi Roku. prepare to eat my dust for there will truely be No More Sleep In Tokyo! XD
Carolyn- sorry about the Unico thing, but err well AWA7 will be so sweet for cosplay and Everyone will be there. are you still wearing your Katy costume anyway? Night Wind and Sphinx's Daughter costumes will be there. id love to get pics!
Nee-chan- Hey its been awhile. Lets hang out, you can swing with us leet peeps ^_^

The plan for the con. Friday ill have to miss out. Im leaving from Atlanta with SCC around 7pm and we wont arrive in Raleigh, NC until late late 4ish. Yayas group is sharing the room (i think) that night but im sure ill bump into Dogbert and stay at his room Saturday for more spacious DDR gaming. Lord knows where Bee! and Loki are going to sleep, but if they're up and about around 4am well then horay! they can stay with us!


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